Turkey Bowl: A Fun Thanksgiving Story to Teach About Traditions

My students love talking about traditions, especially around the holidays. What better way to kick off celebrating Thanksgiving traditions than through an interactive read aloud of Phil Bildner’s Turkey Bowl? Your students will love this fun story about the excitable main character, Ethan, who couldn’t be more ready to finally play in the family’s annual Turkey Bowl.

This excitement turns to epic disappointment when he enters the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning to find that the most important ingredient, family, is missing. What is Ethan supposed to do if he can’t play in the Turkey Bowl that he has been waiting for the last nine years?

Explore the feelings and changes Ethan undergoes as he finds a way to overcome the disappointment news with this FREE SAMPLE Turkey Bowl Book Companion:

This sample includes a story map as well as guiding questions to explore the character change of Ethan. For the complete set of activities to accompany Turkey Bowl by Phil Bildner, my Turkey Bowl Book Companion is available for purchase in my TpT Store. This set includes a full week of activities, comprehension printables, and more!

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